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Frequently asked questions

YES :) We need for you to order at least 25 pieces per style design.

ABSOLUTELY! - There is a design fee to be added but I am here for you :)

It all depends on how big is our load. But typically after design is finalized & the production starts: 10 days.

Screen Printing + Designing.
If you see us selling on our website, we can definitely make it :)

The price varies depending on printing color quantity + quantity order + services.
The more you order, the less it will cost :)

Check starting cost below.

It depends on what you want. Garment can start at $4 per piece and go as high as $45 per item.
It all depends on quality, style and colors.
We will help you find what works best for you and for your budget.

It can be between $9 - $17+

It is 60% down to start the project.
The price is based on garment + printing total cost and then the final 40% is required when production is done, before we ship it.


*based on minimum quantity*
*prices do NOT include garment or accessory*

Screen - printing

Starts at $150.
It all depends on what you want and how extensive the project can be.
Let's chat more and see what works :)

Every design requires us to burn a screen. Each screen can have ONE color.
We charge $20 per screen needed for the design.

*Screen fee can always be waved depending on order quantity placed*

Starts at $7/item for one spot.
If your design has 2 spots (i.e: pocket + back), we will add an extra $3/item per spot.

Adds $3/item to the printing fee (per color) + $2/item per extra spot.

We can customize a neck tag for your brand :)
Neck tag is $1 per item printed + screen fee.